GDA: Genome Database for Angiosperms



The Poales are a large order of flowering plants in the monocotyledons, and includes families of plants such as the grasses, bromeliads, and sedges. Sixteen plant families are currently recognized by botanists to be part of Poales.The flowers are typically small, enclosed by bracts, and arranged in inflorescences (except in the genus Mayaca, with solitary terminal flowers). The flowers of many species are wind pollinated; the seeds usually contain starch.

The sequensed genomes in this order

  • Aegilops tauschii
  • Ananas comosus
  • Brachypodium distachyon
  • Dichanthelium oligosanthes
  • Eleusine coracana
  • Eragrostis tef
  • Hordeum vulgare
  • Hordeum pubiflorum
  • Lolium perenne
  • Oropetium thomaeum
  • Oryza barthii
  • Oryza brachyantha
  • Oryza glaberrima
  • Oryza glumaepatula
  • Oryza glumipatula
  • Oryza indica
  • Oryza meridionalis
  • Oryza nivara
  • Oryza punctats
  • Oryza rufipogon?
  • Oryza sativa
  • Oryza?longistaminata
  • Panicum hallii(Hall's panicgrass)
  • Secale cereale
  • Setaria italica
  • Setaria?viridis
  • Sorghum bicolor
  • Triticum aestivum
  • Triticum turgidum
  • Triticum uratu
  • Zea mays
  • Zizania latifolia