GDA: Genome Database for Angiosperms


1.Timeline for genome updates

  Every new published angiosperm genome would be announced in this timeline very quickly.

  Users could zoom in or zoom out using the mouse to find the genome on a specific day.

  Once users could put the mouse on the species name, a link for the publication of the genome would appear at the left end of the page. Users could click it to obtain the paper.

  If users have new information to publish, please contact us:


  We setup the BLAST service by employing the sequenceserver software.

  This user interface is very easy for operation. Users just need to paste the sequence or drag the sequence file into the input box, then specified database (s) for a default search. For advanced search, enter the parameters as prompted in the box to get a search.


  JBrowse is a fast, embeddable genome browser built completely with JavaScript and HTML5, with optional run-once data formatting tools written in Perl.

  Jborowse is developed by GMOD (Generic Model Organism Database).

  Curently, users could found the details for gene sequence, structure, and locations.

  More and more organisms will be added in this database.

4.Data Download

  All the data collected here comes from the latest version from various databases. Users are welcome to download them without any registrations. All these data are only for research purposes, if anyone use them for commercial purpose, please contact us before you use it. contact us: