GDA: Genome Database for Angiosperms

 Publications in Zhang Lab

1 Biological database
1.1 PAIR: papaya information resource
Wei Dong, Xinyue Guo, Yinhui Xing, Jiawei Zhang, Pingping Liang, Yanhui Liu, Qinqin Zhou, Guofeng Wang, Meigui Lin, Liangsheng Zhang, Fei Chen. In preparation.

2 Genome decoding
2.2 Maca
Zhang, J., Tian, Y., Yan, L., Zhang, G., Wang, X., Zeng, Y., Zhang, J., Ma, X., Tan, Y., Long, N., et al. 2016b. Genome of plant maca (Lepidium meyenii) illuminates genomic basis for high altitude adaptation in the central Andes. Mol. Plant.
2.1 Dendrobium
Zhang, G.-Q., Xu, Q., Bian, C., Tsai, W.-C., Yeh, C.-M., Liu, K.-W., Yoshida, K., Zhang, L.-S., Chang, S.-B., Chen, F., et al. 2016a. The Dendrobium catenatum Lindl. genome sequence provides insights into polysaccharide synthase, floral development and adaptive evolution. Sci Rep 6: 19029.

3 Bioinformatics tools
3.1 SynFind
Tang, H., Bomhoff, M.D., Briones, E., Zhang, L., Schnable, J.C., and Lyons, E. 2015. SynFind: Compiling syntenic regions across any set of genomes on demand. Genome Biol Evol 7: 3286−3298.

4 Floral development
4.4 MADS-box TF
Chen, F., Liu, X., Yu, C., Chen, Y., Tang, H., Zhang, L. 2017. Water lilies as emerging models for Darwin's abominable mysterys. Hort Res 4: 17051.
4.3 MADS-box TF
Chen, F., Zhang, X., Liu, X., and Zhang, L. 2017. Evolutionary Analysis of MIKCc -Type MADS-Box Genes in Gymnosperms and Angiosperms. Front Plant Sci 8: 1−11.
Sun, Z., Li, Z., Huang, J., Zheng, B., Zhang, L., Wang, Z., 2017. Genome-wide comparative analysis of LEAFY promoter sequence in angiosperms. Physiol. Mol. Biol. Plants 23 (1): 23-33
4.1Arabidopsis floral transcriptome
Zhang, L., Wang, L., Yang, Y., Cui, J., Chang, F., Wang, Y., and Ma, H. 2015. Analysis of Arabidopsis floral transcriptome?: detection of new florally expressed genes and expansion of Brassicaceae-specific gene families. Front Plant Sci 5: 1−11.

5 Photosynthesis
5.2 Origin of CAM
Zhang, L., Chen, F., Zhang, G.Q., Zhang, Y.Q., Niu, S., Xiong, J.S., Lin, Z., Cheng, Z.M., and Liu, Z.J. 2016c. Origin and mechanism of crassulacean acid metabolism in orchids as implied by comparative transcriptomics and genomics of the carbon fixation pathway. Plant J 86: 175−185.
5.1CAM genes
Deng, H., Zhang, L.S., Zhang, G.Q., Zheng, B.Q., Liu, Z.J., and Wang, Y. 2016. Evolutionary history of PEPC genes in green plants: Implications for the evolution of CAM in orchids. Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. 94: 559−564.

6 Stress & immune responses
6.2 Grapevine CDPK
Chen, F., Fasoli, M., Tornielli, G.B., Santo, S.D., Pezzotti, M., Zhang, L., Cai, B., and Cheng, Z.M. 2013. The evolutionary history and diverse physiological roles of the grapevine calcium-dependent protein kinase gene family. PLoS One 8.
6.1 CFK gene family
Chen, F., Zhang, L., and Cheng, Z.-M. 2017a. The calmodulin fused kinase novel gene family is the major system in plants converting Ca2+ signals to protein phosphorylation responses. Sci Rep 7: 4127.